9/11, Stealth Jihad and Obama

She wrote this book for you. You are worried: ”Is Obama really a Muslim? What is happening to this country?” “Yes he is. He is destroying America,” answers author Rohini DeSilva. “Obama is waging a Stealth Jihad on this country.” She adds: “God gave me the courage to write this book. I know He will give you the courage to read it.” In 9/11, Stealth Jihad and Obama, she brings her unique perspective, analytical skills and meticulous research to warn the American people that we face a great threat from the vile brew of Socialism and Militant Islam that Obama is thrusting upon us.Since she graduated with honors from Columbia Law School, she can explain clearly how Shari’ah is diametrically opposed to our Constitution. Her book reminds us that we have freedoms that everyone else yearns to have and that we need to be eternally vigilant lest our freedoms be taken away.